Is Montenegro worth visiting from Dubrovnik

If we have to choose only 5 places in Montenegro to visit from Dubrovnik, that would be these coastal towns

Dubrovnik’s location on Croatia’s slender southern point makes crossing into Montenegro easy. (Many vacationers in Montenegrin seaside communities find it easier to fly into Dubrovnik.) Here are some Dubrovnik-Montenegro day tours!

Hiring a driver and car for a round-trip is the easiest option to visit these destinations.

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Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi, in the Bay of Kotor, is the closest to Dubrovnik and essential for your private tour from Dubrovnik to Montenegro.

It lacks beaches and sea views, but you’ll love the surviving architecture from different eras. Herceg Novi has 30,000 residents, 49% of whom are Serbs, 33% Montenegrins, and 18% Croats, Albanians, Bosnians, and Italians. This makes this city lively and fun. Igalo’s medicinal mud makes Herceg Novi a health tourism destination.

Herceg Novi’s Mediterranean appeal will charm you.

Herceg Novi offers numerous unique boat tours. We recommend you visit Mamula Island and the Blue Cave by boat.



One of our favorite locations in the Bay of Kotor is Perast, one of the most stunning cities on the Adriatic coast.

Perast is a little town full of tradition and history, with only 250 citizens and 17 Baroque palaces and 19 churches.


Perast from the boat - April 2024


Even though popular Kotor is only a 20-minute drive away, Perast offers a completely different atmosphere.

The village extends 1.5 kilometres along the seaside, sandwiched between the St. Ilija hill and the Bay of Kotor. The entire town can be covered on foot in a few minutes.

Beautiful vistas and magnificent sunsets are guaranteed because the promenade faces immediately out to the Verige Strait, the narrowest section of the harbor.

The twin islets of St. George and Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, which are off the coast, rise like shipwrecks from the silvery bay. Every visitor to Perast should not miss taking a boat tour to these islands.


The focus of much of this increased tourism on the Adriatic has shifted to Kotor, one of the top things to do in Montenegro. It is a beautiful old town in the bay of Kotor with expansive views of the sea and mountains and a superb blend of natural beauty and history.

The town grew and underwent architectural changes as a result of the numerous empires that dominated it over the years, including the Dalmatian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Hungarian ones. But the majority of its current form was developed during the Venetian era.

From 1420 to 1797, Kotor was a part of the Republic of Venice. It should therefore come as no big surprise that the majority of the architecture in Kotor’s Old Town is in the Venetian style.

One of the highlights is the Kotor Cathedral. However, as you wander the alleyways that are closely encircled by the city walls, you’ll discover a ton of tiny treasures.

But visiting the fortress and historic structures is only one of the things to do in Kotor. In addition, there are numerous day trips from Kotor, as well as the Kotor Walls, neighboring treks, beaches, the bay, small towns, and villages.

Also, you can contact Dubrovnik Limo Service, and thanks to our partners, we can book a private boat tour in the bay of Kotor for you.


Tivat and Porto Montenegro

Tivat managed to recommend itself to tourists from all over the world thanks to Porto Montenegro, which many consider the “Adriatic Monte Carlo”. Tivat is also home to the on of the two international airports in Montenegro.

Porto Montenegro is definitely one of the most luxurious ports of the Adriatic Sea and represents a real paradise for nautical tourism. Fans of sightseeing yachts and ships, as well as those who enjoy crossing the seas and getting to know the world, will not remain indifferent to this modern and luxurious port in Tivat.


Tivat and Porto Montenegro


The largest yachts in the world, up to 250 meters in length, can be moored at Porto Montenegro, and this has placed it among the marinas that are at the very top of the superyacht industry. That is why it is not surprising that Tivat and Porto Montenegro, which is located there, have become the choice of the world’s jet set and yachtsmen from all over the planet.

Tivat and Porto Montenegro have a very specific glamorous appearance and are particularly attractive, thus attracting tourists with their appearance and architecture. The architecture represents a specific combination of traditional and modern, and all the buildings in it are of light tones and beautiful structures, which makes a wonderful contrast to the dark, turquoise color of the clear sea that Porto overlooks.



The most well-known beach town and resort in Montenegro is Budva. Additionally, Becici, Rafailovici, Sveti Stefan, and Milocer are part of the Budva Riviera. In contrast to the locations previously listed, Budva is outside the Bay of Kotor and offers a considerably greater variety of wonderful beaches.


Budva - April 2024


An old town like Kotor’s and other Mediterranean old towns coexists with a new section in the heart of Budva. Of all the places described previously, this one is the most developed in terms of tourism, but it is also the most away from Dubrovnik. However, Budva can also be considered the Adriatic Ibiza if you enjoy going out at night.


Yes, Dubrovnik is very popular and one of the best tourist locations on the Adriatic coast. But remember that one reason for that popularity is the famous TV show “Game of Thrones”. You may find a more exciting place than Dubrovnik on your private sightseeing tour.

Montenegro is just over an hour away from Cilipi Airport, and you should visit some of the best places to make your vacation more memorable.

Dubrovnik Limo Service can be helpful if you wish to visit any of these places on a private day trip from Dubrovnik. Contact us, and we will offer you a luxurious car with a private driver intended for your tour or transfer.

FAQ about the day tour to Montenegro from Dubrovnik

Is Montenegro worth visiting from Dubrovnik?

Yes, definitely. Montenegro is a beautiful country full of tourist attractions. Even if it is much smaller than Croatia, it can also boast of old towns, beautiful beaches, cultural and historical heritage and incredible nature.

How far is Montenegro from Dubrovnik?

Not far from the border, the first interesting city in Montenegro is Herceg Novi. It is located only 50 kilometers from Dubrovnik, and 28 kilometers from Čilipi airport. But in the summer season, there can be long waiting lines at the borders during the day, so it is possible to spend more than 2 hours at the border.

Is there a ferry from Dubrovnik to Montenegro?

Unfortunately, there is no ferry between Dubrovnik and Montenegro.

How to get from Dubrovnik to Montenegro?

You can go from Dubrovnik to Montenegro by a bus, but the comfiest, easiest, and the most flexible way to go to Montenegro is to hire a car & driver for a one-way transfer or to have a private day tour from Dubrovnik.

What are the best places to visit from Dubrovnik to Montenegro?

Private Tours From Dubrovnik

Interested in a private tour from Dubrovnik to Montenegro?

Recommended private day tour itinerary from Dubrovnik to Montenegro via Trebinje in Bosnia:

  • Trebinje 45min
  • Verige view point 15min
  • Perast 1.5h (contact us to book a boat tour from Perast to Lady of the Rocks Island)
  • Kotor 2h
  • Trojica viewpoint 15min
  • Recommended time for this excursion from Dubrovnik to Montenegro and Trebinje is from 8 am to 8 pm


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